The B-24 heavy bomber, known as "The Liberator," was produced in greater quantities and flown in more theaters of war by the air forces of more countries than any other four-engine bomber in World War II. Over 19,000 planes (in several versions) were produced by Consolidated Vultee, Ford Motor Company, Douglas Aircraft and North American Aircraft between the years of 1939 and 1945. There were 8,685 of them produced at Ford's Willow Run plant (just outside Detroit) alone. Willow Run was one of the largest manufacturing plants under one roof—it was a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide, cost $165 million to build and had 70 assembly lines. During the war, the plant ran 'round the clock, and at its peak, it employed 42,000 men and women.

The B-24 pictured above is the plane flown by Jasper's Jokers; it was a B-24J, serial number 44-42450. It flew with the 321st Squadron of the 90th Bomb Group (heavy)—The Jolly Rogers. Today there are only a few flight-worthy B-24's in existence.

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