Jolly Roger Tailgunner is the 15-song story of a Tennessee farmboy who trades his guitar and hunting rifle for a much bigger gun when he joins the famed Jolly Rogers Bomb Group in the South Pacific during World War II.

His journey takes him from Jordan Springs, a farming community northwest of Nashville, to Walla Walla, Washington, where he meets his crew, Jasper's Jokers. Then, as the tail gunner of their B-24 Liberator, his destiny leads him to the airfields of the Jolly Rogers and the aerial battlefields of the South Pacific.

Jolly Roger Tailgunner also includes the true-life story of Leaford Bearskin (a Jolly Roger pilot who is appointed Big Chief by his tribe after the war), as well as the interesting account of John Frum, a cargo cult that worships American GIs. There's even a sad-song dedication to the Fat Cat, the group's beloved C-47.

The story of Jolly Roger Tailgunner is told by his son, singer/songwriter David Ray Skinner with fifteen original songs that range in style from bluegrass and country to rock and big band, with a little folk and gospel music thrown in.

Jolly Roger Tailgunner is available on, iTunes and CDBaby.

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