In 1993, four friends, Barry Kiefaber, Hunter Ramseur, David Skinner, and his sister, Jann Skinner Marthaler, put a Christian rock band together to play at a local church event. One concert turned into two, and then a half dozen, and soon the band found itself being invited to play at churches and coffeehouses throughout Georgia and North Carolina.

In October of 1994, the band went into Twelve Oaks Studio in suburban Atlanta and recorded a collection of seven original and two tradition selections. The songs range from the old folk song, Lonesome Valley and singer/keyboardist Jann Marthaler's version of Amazing Grace to the straight-on rock of Skinner's The Mountain and Psalms. ("Psalms" takes a Bo-Diddley-meets-the-poet-David approach.) There's also the more-acoustic Carry Me Away and He Was a Man...the latter a touching tribute to drummer Hunter Ramseur's father. And, Barry Kiefaber's Twentieth Century Heroes combines a pointed message with the feel of a circa-'60s protest tune.

The album concludes with The Other Side, a latter-day Appalachian a cappella gospel song that Skinner wrote one morning while jogging through Brooklyn Heights. But that urban sensibility mixed with old time religion is exactly the kind of musical irony and uniqueness that makes this album work.

Initially available only on cassette, the album is now available on, iTunes, and CDBaby.

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